BackEnd Software Engineer (Logística)


A Logística é uma das principais engrenagens do ecossistema iFood, é a unidade de negócios responsável por levar o pedido feito através do app aos nossos consumidores, nossa missão é  integrar todos os parceiros: os comércios (restaurantes/mercados/farmácias), os clientes e as pessoas que fazem entregas conosco. 

O iFood  cresce em um ritmo exponencial, o que é um grande desafio quando buscamos construir ferramentas que dão visibilidade para a operação, assim como as que equilibram a oferta com a demanda. No nosso otimizador logístico temos diversos desafios ligados à pesquisa operacional (algoritmos) e machine learning, para criar as melhores soluções para potencializar a eficiência do fluxo de entrega das pessoas entregadoras, e também garantir  a melhor experiência para quem fez os pedidos. 

Nosso time de logística trabalha duro para atender o volume de requisições que cresce muito rápido. Essas requisições são através de streams, tópicos e filas (Kafka, SNS e SQS). As requisições são atendidas por diversos serviços, que são organizados em torno dos grandes domínios da nossa plataforma. Parte do nosso backend é escrita em Java e outra em Rust, já no frontend, para as ferramentas internas utilizamos React com Typescript. Em nosso app para pessoas entregadoras desenvolvemos em Android Nativo usando Kotlin. Para armazenar esses dados, utilizamos bancos de dados relacionais (Postgres), nosql (Scylla, DynamoDB e Redis). Todos esses recursos são utilizados em uma infraestrutura na AWS.

Hoje o time que constrói a plataforma logística já conta com mais de 200 FoodLovers, que atuam em produto, design, engenharia e data. Todas essas pessoas trabalham de forma colaborativa e através de grupos multidisciplinares que se conectam aos mesmos desafios. Cada um dos grupos são donos dos seus próprios serviços e responsáveis por todo o ciclo de vida deles: desde a concepção até a sustentação em ambiente de produção - You own your services you build it, you run it!


E aí? Topa ajudar o iFood a Alimentar o Futuro do Mundo? 



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At iFood, we believe in the power of diversity to generate #Innovation and achieve #IncredibleResults. We do not distinguish candidates with disabilities, by gender, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, age, origin, family or aesthetic constitution. We have groups composed of volunteer FoodLovers, where we talk about Race, Gender, LGBTQI+ and PwD, we want to be the company people choose as the place where they will develop and contribute to the realization of dreams, #AllTogether.

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What are you craving?

Us, FoodLovers, crave innovation and results. We always give our best, thinking "outside the box" and acting agile and responsible! We're also hungry for diversity, knowledge and sharing. We work in a very versatile environment. Do you know what makes our recepie special? People! Join us to be a part of that 🤝

iFood's Way

Our special plates for you

iFood from everywhere

IFood is a company that functions from anywhere! We have a series of initiatives and benefits to make working from home possible. Among them, a financial subsidy for FoodLovers to be able to equip their work spaces as well as partnerships with coworking spaces throughout Brazil.

We support diversity

We set goals and monitor diversity and psychological safety indicators, thereby linking our advancement in diversity to the sense of inclusion and belonging. We maintain programs for the development and acceleration of careers within minority groups and inclusive leaders, in addition to having affinity committees (race, gender, LGBTQIA +, PcD and free body). We support trans FoodLovers, offering financial, legal and psychological assistance, as well as a subsidy for hormonal treatment and gender reassignment surgery. In addition to: maternity/paternity support for same-sex couples.

Health and Well-being

Flexible schedules, physical and mental health support programs for FoodLovers and their families, as well as medical, dental and life insurance, we also have partnerships for the purchase of medicines.

iFood Flex

Our benefits are distributed through a points program, and you can choose with what and how you will benefit. Some of these are: vale-cultura, points club, pet-assistance and a partnership with Gympass.


Wednesday mornings are reserved for self-development. Through iLearn, an exclusive iFood platform, FoodLovers have access to professionally created content. In addition, we offer subsidies according to the employees’ position for language studies as well as various partnerships with educational institutions.

Smart Offices

Collaborative working spaces, equipped with the latest technology, an auditorium, a sports court, scooters, relaxation areas, a library, games, a garden and other services.


For in office work, we offer transportation vouchers, chartered transportation options, accredited parking, fuel vouchers and taxi coupons on iFood Flex.


In addition to food vouchers and supermarket vouchers, FoodLovers also have an in-app voucher. Breakfast, a coffee bar, fruits and other delicacies are always available in our offices, during in office work.

Support for fathers and mothers

Extended maternity and paternity leave, career coaching for expecting mothers, support and conversation groups for fathers and mothers, daycare assistance, a breastfeeding space in the office, a partnership with the Play Kids app, iFamily support program for the gradual return to work of parents, onboarding after maternity leave as well as buddy monitoring. In addition, we offer psychological and legal support for adoption.

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We believe that plurality and collaboration are essential ingredients for us to continue innovating and achieving the dream of feeding the future of the world. Thus, all applications made on our website are considered without distinction of race, religion, gender, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other.

And in the quest to become an increasingly diverse company, we would like to know if you are self-identified / belonging to any or some of these groups below, if you feel comfortable responding. This data will not be used as a selection criterion, but to get to know our candidates better!

Remembering that all personal data that we are going to collect is confidential and will be used exclusively for monitoring demographic data about our candidates for our diversity and inclusion actions, and will not be collected, transferred or stored by unauthorized third parties.

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