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More than just creating the best solutions for the delivery ecosystem, a foodtech uses technology to optimize the entire food chain. How? By developing smarter ways to produce, sell and deliver food to the customers' table. We innovate with technology to feed the future of the world.

IFood's environment and culture encourages disruptive thinking and innovation. Our tech teams are in our offices, but they are also spread across Brazil and throughout the world through remote work.

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We explain!

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere

We are determined to make iFood a reference in Artificial Intelligence. It is not a small challenge, but guaranteeing the best experience for our partners and customers, in addition to the best decision making for each business, are our main goals.

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Technology is synonymous with scale at iFood

Technology is the code of our business. After years of accelerated growth, our biggest challenge is still to scale iFood in a sustainable and safe manner. There are millions of orders in thousands of cities, but we want each experience to be unique. For this, we combine autonomy, responsibility and purpose in our recipe for innovation. It is not by chance that we are leaders in Latin America and that the impact of our technology goes far beyond the delivery ecosystem.

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Data that fuels our revolution

We believe that with innovation, data and Artificial Intelligence you can create a revolution. IFood Brain, our area that is dedicated to AI and Data, has more than 200 employees, divided into Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Engineering and Innovation teams. They are responsible for handling the billions of bytes of data generated monthly within the app. Investing in this area is transforming the market and society, that's why we invest in training professionals specialized in data and Artificial Intelligence.

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If you believe that data and technology can feed the future of the world, your place is with us!

Some of our technology vacancies are always open for you to apply for. We want the best talents to be with us, even if we do not yet have a determined position. They are unique vacancies that are in accordance with our areas of expertise and that follow the same selection process. But of course, we adapt the selection criteria according to the candidate's seniority. The most important thing is to connect market professionals with our technology teams to ensure that brilliant people become part of this revolution.

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