Plural Environment

Here, every difference has its own space. For iFood, diversity is a commitment. We believe that this plurality and collaboration are essential for us to continue innovating and making incredible deliveries. There are many different life stories, profiles, experiences and opinions that create the debates and thereby cause changes and transformations.

By 2023

Our commitments to diversity

For this to happen, we'll invest in developing our people and ensuring a safe psychological work environment for everyone.

  • 50% of women in leadership
  • 30% of black people in leadership
  • 35% of women in top leadership
  • 40% of black people at iFood


Diversity and Inclusion

Here, you can must be yourself. And be your best version!

To feed the future of the world, diversity is one of the main ingredients of our culture. Color, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, origin or any other particularity does not matter. We want people who are willing to dream big with us and who are aligned with the I'm a Lover values. Here, you can and should be yourself.


Learn more about some of the initiatives


Initiatives and partnerships to promote hiring with increased diversity and inclusion.


Internal programs for the development and acceleration of careers of minority groups.


An agreement of commitment to UN Women for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.


Renovations to our offices to facilitate accessibility for people with special needs.


Financial assistance for trans FoodLovers in the process of gender reassignment

Psychological safety

Measurement of the psychological safety of FoodLovers so that they can feel belonging being who they are, and so that we can observe any distortions in relation to the minorities that are part of iFood.


We have Pólen (Pollen), which brings together our affinity groups, which are: Empodera Elas, LGBTI+Amor, Sem Barreiras, Orgulho Negro and Corpo Livre.

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Orgulho Negro - Pautas Etnicas e Raciais
Corpo Livre - Body Positive
Sem Barreiras - PcD
LGBTI+Amor - Diversidade Sexual e de Identidade de Gênero
Empodera Elas

Together and with diversity, we are better.


“Since I joined iFood, I've been enchanted by the way the diversity theme is promoted and taken into account in every decision making”

Marco Faria

Communication and Training Analyst

“A company with people who understand the moments of a woman/mother, for sure will have more engaged employees”.

Bruna Mendes dos Reis

Junior Business Analyst

“A diverse company, which genuinely proposes to improve on social issues, in addition to providing exclusive care”.

Larissa Silva

Experience Consultant II

“The experience of inclusion and diversity inside iFood is alive and it grows as the days go by”.

Laddy Martins da Silva

Sales Executive Inside Sales

I am proud to be part of a company that 'wears the shirt' for a fairer and more equal world!

Renan Viana Simões

Comercial Inside Sales

“Here I found space to listen and speak openly about diversity”.

Denilson Marcelino

Business Analyst

“iFood is always looking for learning so that everyone knows the importance of respect and living with diversity”.

Cako Martin

Trade Marketing Creative Coordinator

“At iFood I work with plural teams and I see the Diversity agenda being a consistent approach, with forums and practical actions”.

Mairá Mendonça

Marketing Manager iFood Mercado

“We are All Together, we are a team with a big dream and being diverse is part of this dream”.

Christyan da Silva Pires

Continuous Improvement Analyst

“iFood has shown itself to be a company that is very willing to give opportunities, motivate and enable minorities to play a leading role”.

Mari Reis

Creative Coordinator at in-House

“When iFood started thinking about Diversity, it was not just about speech. Here we see programs that put the subject not only on the agenda but in practice”.

Karina Frabetti

Creative Coordinator at in-House

“On 06/08/18 I joined iFood for the first time. I sat down to have a coffee and was delighted with such diversity”.

Vanessa Silva

Partner Success Executive

“In our day-to-day lives, we care about what really should be relevant, feeding the future of the world”.

Rafael Armôa

Senior Process Analyst

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