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Cultura iFood

To be part of iFood is to have passion and to be a FoodLover is to be out of the ordinary. Disruptive people, engaged and passionate about building incredible things, who are hungry for challenges, innovation and the desire to change the world with our deliveries.

Today, we are more than 5,000 FoodLovers who stand out for combining passion, responsibility and autonomy. Together, we foster an environment where the collective speaks louder and we believe that not even the sky is the limit when it comes to fulfilling our Big Dream of Feeding the Future of the World.

In this rocket that is iFood, we want people as passionate as we are to live this adventure by our side. Because when the match happens, we awaken our best version.

Know our values ​​and more about our Culture!

Our Values and Principles

Here, you will learn about our 4 values ​​and the principles related to each one of them. Values ​​are pillars of our culture and the principles by which these values ​​are translated into everyday life. It's the iFood Way of Working, or JIT, for the intimate!


We have a big dream and we act like owners. Our soul is entrepreneurial and we always want to go further. For us, the sky is not the limit.

Dream Big:

Our purpose moves us. Challenge yourself and do the same with the team to deliver the impossible, landing ideas and making paths tangible.

Face the brutal facts:

Courage and transparency are key to overcoming challenges. Face facts head on, to turn the impossible into reality.

Owner mentality:

Be the protagonist of your actions, take responsibility, allocate resources intelligently, and act with autonomy and alignment.


We are results-obsessed people and always strive for high performance. We recognize our team based on dedication, without bias.

Prioritize 80/20 and deliver

Focus, focus, focus! Uncomplicate, declutter, and bring solutions - not obstacles.

Constant Appetite

We do not settle down and raise the bar for our delivery always and quickly. We assume that conditions can change intensely and we are prepared for this.

Lego: Scalability and Future

Build scalable solutions prepared for business growth. Think about the future, but don't lose sight of the short term.


We believe in the power of innovation for a more prosperous future. So we are thirsty for disruption, technology, and AI. We test, make mistakes and change in a simple and fast way.

Agile - Fail Fast and Learn

Making mistakes is part of the process, but here we learn fast, adjust our course, and adapt even faster.


We focus on innovating and discovering new solutions, but also on being increasingly efficient and profitable.

All Together

Together, with collaboration, equity, and diversity of people, we are better! In this journey, which seems impossible, we celebrate our achievements and face everything with lightness and good humor.


Conflicts are essential. Don't settle for consensus. State your views transparently, disagreeing and being open to listening.

People, People, People

I know the importance of people. So, with diversity, we encourage different points of view, valuing feedback and focusing on constant development.

Come to iFood

The match up between you and your best version is here. Feeding the future of the world.

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