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Our culture

Being part of iFood means being passionate and being a FoodLover is about being out of the ordinary. People who are not satisfied, who are engaged and keen to create something amazing, who are hungry for a challenge, to try something new and want to change the world with what we deliver.

Today we are more than 4,000 FoodLovers who are recognized by their combined passion, responsibility and self-sufficiency, operating in an environment where the collective always speaks louder and in a culture where not even the sky is the limit when it comes to achieving our purpose, which is Feeding the Future of the World. iFood is like a rocket, and in this rocket we want people as passionate as we are to join us on this adventure. Because when the fuse is lit, it wakes up what is the best of us.

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We have a big dream and we act like bosses. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and we always want to take it further. To us, the sky is not the limit.


We are obsessed with results and we always strive for the best performance. We appreciate our staff for what they deliver, without bias.


We believe that innovation can create a more prosperous future. That's why we're desperate for change, technology, and AI. We experiment, we make mistakes and we, very quickly and simply, change.


All Together

Diverse, equal individuals working together - it makes us better! The target may seem impossible, but we cherish our achievements and face everything cheerfully and with hope.

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