Our culture

At iFood your potential is maximized every day.

Here, you have the autonomy to revolutionize things the way you want, together with a team that works together to make each delivery happen. We have joined hunger and the desire to innovate together, because our adventure has no limits. Why just imagine it, when you could be part of iFood?

At iFood your potential is maximized every day.

Sem Barreiras - PcD
Corpo Livre - Body Positive
LGBTI+Amor - Diversidade Sexual e de Identidade de Gênero
Comitê Empodera Elas, para mulheres


iFood is for everyone

Here, every difference has its own space. Because, for iFood, diversity is a commitment. We believe that plurality and collaboration are essential ingredients for us to continue innovating and to achieve the dream of feeding the future of the world. There are many different life stories, profiles, experiences and opinions that create the debates and thereby cause changes and transformations. We want people who are willing to dream big and who are aligned with the I'm a Lover values.

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Orgulho Negro - Pautas Etnicas e Raciais

Food Tech

Food is our passion. Technology is our talent.

We innovate with technology to feed the future of the world. More than creating codes to facilitate the delivery ecosystem, we deliver incredible moments, delicious food and practicality for all budgets.

Data to feed the future of the world

We are a data company that thinks big and acts quickly. Our Artificial Intelligence and Data teams are always looking for answers as well as the right questions

Technology to make an impact

Our biggest challenge is to grow in a sustainable and safe way, generating a positive impact on deliveries, the market, the environment, education and the inclusion of people.

We are an expanding ecosystem

We believe that technology is at the center of a revolution that helps customers, partners, entrepreneurs and the entire universe of food to grow and prosper.

What are you hungry for?

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iFood from everywhere

IFood is a company that functions from anywhere! We have a series of initiatives and benefits to make working from home possible. Among them, a financial subsidy for FoodLovers to be able to equip their work spaces as well as partnerships with coworking spaces throughout Brazil.

We support diversity

We set goals and monitor diversity and psychological safety indicators, thereby linking our advancement in diversity to the sense of inclusion and belonging. We maintain programs for the development and acceleration of careers within minority groups and inclusive leaders, in addition to having affinity committees (race, gender, LGBTQIA +, PcD and free body). We support trans FoodLovers, offering financial, legal and psychological assistance, as well as a subsidy for hormonal treatment and gender reassignment surgery. In addition to: maternity/paternity support for same-sex couples.

Health and Well-being

Flexible schedules, physical and mental health support programs for FoodLovers and their families, as well as medical, dental and life insurance, we also have partnerships for the purchase of medicines.

iFood Flex

Our benefits are distributed through a points program, and you can choose with what and how you will benefit. Some of these are: vale-cultura, points club, pet-assistance and a partnership with Gympass.


Wednesday mornings are reserved for self-development. Through iLearn, an exclusive iFood platform, FoodLovers have access to professionally created content. In addition, we offer subsidies according to the employees’ position for language studies as well as various partnerships with educational institutions.

Smart Offices

Collaborative working spaces, equipped with the latest technology, an auditorium, a sports court, scooters, relaxation areas, a library, games, a garden and other services.


For in office work, we offer transportation vouchers, chartered transportation options, accredited parking, fuel vouchers and taxi coupons on iFood Flex.


In addition to food vouchers and supermarket vouchers, FoodLovers also have an in-app voucher. Breakfast, a coffee bar, fruits and other delicacies are always available in our offices, during in office work.

Come to iFood

The match up between you and your best version is here. Feeding the future of the world.

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